Family show

Energetic and fabulous Jamye La Luna dancing and twirling with 50 hula hoops including a giant one, also bolasses, clubs, magic and many surprises ... to create a magical and colorful world.

Lights (Show and Walk-Around)

Colored lights hoops and glow sticks éblouirront your audience! ! YOU CAN CHOOSE THE DESIRED TEXT, DESIGN, LOGO OR EVEN YOU WANT SEE PHOTO. A perfect animation to promote your company, you get noticed in a salon, advertising emphasize your love and much more! It can be offered with different costumes and themes for your events.



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Fire solo show

A Funny and impresive show where Jamye Luna amazes his audience with several accessories: hula hoops of fire fans, "poi", Fire hand... A show with a lot of surprises, such as the control of a fire hoop on his nose passing his audience through a range of emotions. The show is very adaptable to the needs of the event. It can be done solo and duet. Possibility of adding the fireworks! Music chosen by the organizers or by the artist. Several possibilities of costumes!



In this animation many characters will bring magic to you events, such as your dreams turn into realities * Pirates, witches, fairies, clowns, fairy, elfs, chrismas dwarf and so many more characters!  We even do  custom creations!  

Circus workshop



Circus clown show Hula-Ha!

The family show is the story of a hula hoop artist, La Luna, who is interrupted by a clown, Splash. This naive and awkward champion is part of the show but La Luna, a little discouraged, does not know what to do with him. She drives it rigorously to finally use it as a base to raise her hula-hoop to new heights. You will discover hula hoop acrobatic, juggling, Hula Hoop giant in tandem and many surprises ...